RhodeWorks have played at many festivals and shows around New Zealand, including guest spots at Auckland Folk Festival, and Wellington Folk Festival.  Resent recipients of the Frank Winter award for their ‘Outstanding Musical and Vocal’ talents.  You can often see them busking at local farmers markets to raise funds for international festivals such as Mountain Grass.

They have recorded one album “Elgood Rd” which is available here on Band Camp, or by email.

They arrange a majority of their music themselves and love nothing more than to sit down and jam with others. (usually till 4am at festivals, where dad has to drag them out of the sessions!!)

Photo by Robyn Kamira

Laurence is 15 yrs old, has been playing guitar for 5 yrs.  Local Hamiltonian Pitt Ramsay has taken him under his wing, teaching him finger-style & flat picking.   He has taught himself to play Double Bass and Banjo.  You will often see Laurence playing a guitar that he made himself.


Sam is 13 yrs old.  Sam loves Americana and Bluegrass music.  He also loves accompanying his brother playing Bass.  Sam has a remarkable ability to improvise on the spot.  He is self taught on the mandolin, and is completely insanely fast.  In the last 2 years, he has been learning guitar with Pitt.

Nate is 10 yrs old and entirely self taught on percussion!  Nate really loves to shake and bang things and has remarkably good rhythm.  He has recently taken to to play Cello & Guitar.


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