Ultimate Stage Lead

The ULTIMATE stage lead



This lead is very special. It contains within the plug a impedance matching circuit which improves the sound of any acoustic Guitar/Mando/Bass/Violin. It works best with Piezo based (Like K & K or Baggs pickups) or under-saddle pickups. This lead has been used with over 65 different makes of guitar and mandolins and violin’s. The muso’s testify that their instruments sound like silk through this lead.

Specifications :-

Gain ~6dB
Length 6m
Neutric Silent Plug (RRP $26 on its own!)
Power indicator
Phantom Power +45v
High quality cable
RTB warranty (12 months)

This lead is powered from the mixing desk and does not require batteries. You require a mixing desk capable of phantom power. This lead can be used in place of a DI box.

How does it work ?

There is one important factor. The leads internal circuitry ‘Matches’ the instruments impedance, and then provides a compensated signal to the Mixer. Most instruments are ‘High’ impedance devices, and once plugged into a DI box or mixer, the impedance miss-match ‘kills’ the natural sound producing that ‘plunky’ sound. A typical K & K pickup is ~3Meg Ohms, a DI box and mixer is 600 Ohms.

These leads are currently been used by lots of local musicians and the Hamilton county Blue Grass Band.

Standard plugs (Not the Neutrix Silent Plug) available complete $50

The Silent Plug allows you to unplug the instrument without turning down the mix. It removes the loud buzz/bang and the sound tech going off…


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